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Do you have a dread of working with consultants?

How We’re Different

Do you have a dread of working with consultants? Over many years, we have listened to our customers telling what they don’t like about consultants. We have listened carefully to make sure that we don’t replicate other’s mistakes. In response to what you’ve told us we:

  • Treat every piece of work as unique
    • every piece of work we do is planned and delivered from scratch
    • every report that we write is written from scratch (we actually find this more efficient)
    • every situation is different - therefore it requires a different approach and solution.
  • We listen to you, without preconceptions
    • a combination of open-mindedness and a desire to treat everyone as an individual leads us to listen properly while we are being briefed.
    • experience in analysing situations allows us to ask appropriate questions and listen actively so that we understand both what is said and can identify any underlying issues that need to be explored further.
    • we consider this listening and learning phase to be extremely important and will generally not plan any consultancy work in detail until this thorough process has been undertaken.
  • Do it your way
    • we recognise that we can only play a part in addressing a particular problem or assisting an organisation to move on.
    • we work within the culture or ethos of your organisation.
    • where there is a need to change the culture of an organisation we do this from where you are.
    • we encourage ongoing incremental and progressive change, recognising that dramatic change is usually rejected within a relative short period of time.
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