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We are user friendly, supportive and flexible in all our work.


We are user friendly, supportive and flexible in all our work. Our single objective is to assist clients to achieve the outcomes that they require. We recognise however, that good consultancy work may identify additional or different needs from those originally anticipated and such work will inevitably be dynamic in nature. We apply a range of principles to all our work:

  • Openness - All stakeholders should know what we are doing, why we are doing it and be aware of any findings that comes out of this work. We recognise that stakeholders have the right to question our approach and to comment on any findings.
  • Participative - All good consultancy work involves an interaction between clients, consultant and stakeholders. We believe that stakeholders should have maximum opportunity to influence the process and to ensure that information used is both accurate and generally accepted.
  • Forward Looking - Sometimes we can learn by looking backwards, but this should never be done with 20/20 hindsight. All our work seeks to assist organisations, funders and individuals to identify the best way forward. We seek to provide practical solutions which can and will be delivered.
  • Supportive - We want to leave organisations in better shape. We work with people to assist them to better understand how their organisations can work, to identify agreed learning points and to assist them to develop towards this.
  • Developmental - We seek to assist individuals and organisations to develop and grow. By bringing expertise, advice, contacts and wider learning to a situation, we leave organisations and individuals bigger and more advanced than when we started.
  • Flexible - We are flexible in all our work. Being outcome focused ensures that everything we do is appropriate, relevant and understood. We can adapt our approach to any piece of work to achieve the right outcomes.