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What our customers say

We regularly carry out a survey of our customers to enable us to best meet their needs in future. In our last survey of 30 clients, we asked them to compare us with other consultants that they had worked with.

  • 100% thought that the skills, expertise and experience of staff and the firm were much better, or better, than other consultancy companies.
  • 81% thought that we had much better, or better, specialist knowledge.
  • 92% said we had a much better, or better, understanding of their requirements.
  • 96% thought we had a better, or much better, understanding of the sector or area of work involved.
  • 91% thought we were much more flexible, or more flexible, than other consultants.
  • 90% thought our integrity and honesty was better or much better.
  • 91% thought we provided better value for money or much better value for money.
  • 62% thought our tender documentation was presented better or much better - this was the one area where we felt it was necessary to do more work!