Serving your every need.

We believe that we are different

You found us!

As you found your way here we have to assume that you are either inquisitive or actually wish to work with consultants who are a little different! We believe that we are different - perhaps we can’t help it! We are highly focused on meeting customers’ needs. We believe that that is best done through an excellent understanding based on a positive relationship and good communication. Like you, we make mistakes, occasionally fail to deliver and often look stupid, however, recognising this allows us to learn and grow.

We are people who:

  • make the occasional mistake, but will ultimately deliver a high quality outcome.
  • admit to not knowing everything but can generally find the answer to most things within a realistic time period.
  • may offer radical ideas but will ultimately not take you anywhere you are not comfortable to go.
  • are like you, but have a wealth of experience which allows us to see the world differently

In summary, we are normal straightforward, highly experienced, fallible people who have a track record of delivering the goods to customers who usually come back for more.

Oh, and we do sometimes make mistakes but we promise to always fix them!

Why We’re Different

  • You can pay us when you are satisfied
  • We see you as unique. We start from scratch on all work - we don’t use models.
  • We speak plain English - we’ll tell it like it is.
  • We care - Come back to us with a query 5 years later and you’ll still get a response at no cost
  • We listen
  • We don’t tell you what you know already
  • You stay in the driving seat - we’ll only work at a pace and in a way that you are comfortable with.

Consultant Jokes

In common with any other organisation or individual that sets itself up to give advice, the potential for pomposity is always on the horizon. In seeking to keep it there, we believe that we should be subject to ridicule if we deserve it. Over the years we have heard many jokes about consultants and would be happy to collect more. We have found them to be salutary lessons and a useful way of remaining amazingly humble! Please feel free to send us any if you think they are either amazing, or simply necessary to keep our feet on the ground.